The New Essentials bring a mix of effortlessly energetic, soulful sounds from Austin Texas. 

Mike Donello has been teaming up with fellow friends and Austin musicians for years to swap songs and warm up crowds of all ages. Donello formed The New Essentials, a fun working class band with local Austin musicians, in 2018 with band mate Matt Creaton. Together with a rotating collective of versatile multi-instrumentalist musicians, Chris Hawkes, Houston Rawls and others, The New Essentials add a fun energy to any type of event and venue. 

Sounds of reggae and rock, blues guitar and pop harmonies, cajon and djembe, all passed around, create a unique texture-filled experience. 

With a steady flow of good vibes, new music and classic covers, Mike Donello and The New Essentials has had the honor of playing great Austin gems such as Saxon Pub, Moontower Saloon, Far Out Lounge, Cedar Street Courtyard, and much loved past venues like Flipnotics and Strangebrew. 

Mike Donello also hosts his own Austin-based podcast, called “Chilling on the Southside”, sharing great conversations from his home in South Austin. His most recent album “Mike Donello & the New Essentials” was released in 2020 with the newest single “Greedy Vampires” released October 15th, 2021.