The New Essentials bring a mix of effortlessly energetic, soulful sounds from Austin, Texas. 

Led by singer and songwriter Mike Donello and a collective of versatile musicians, all members of The New Essentials are multi-instrumentalists that add an extremely fun energy to any type of event. 

The current A-Team of The New Essentials includes the core trio of singer/songwriters & guitarists Chris Hawkes, Matt Creaton, and Mike Donello. Houston Rawls rounds out their quartet format with a soulful sax and some smooth bass grooves. There are many other musicians that play with the band from time to time and it’s always an honor and a pleasure. You never know who might just pop in to do a song when you catch The New Essentials live! 

With a steady flow of good vibes, new music and classic covers, Mike Donello and The New Essentials honor the great Austin music experience both in and out of ATX. Many thanks to all venues that currently partner and continue to partner with Mike and The New Essentials.