Mike Donello & The New Essentials bring a soulful, rhythmic, folk, pop and rock sound based out of the live music capital of the world, Austin, Texas. Mike plays many instruments, such as ukulele, bass, percussion and tele guitars. For many years Donello has been teaming up with fellow friends and Austin musicians to swap songs and warm up crowds of all ages. In 2018 Mike formed The New Essentials, a fun working class band with local ATX musician, bandmate and friend, Matt Creaton. Together with a rotating list of awesome  musicians such as Jay Williams, Mike Ingber, Chris Hawkes and Houston Rawls, The New Essentials and Mike Donello can play any type of event and venue. They certainly can keep a steady flow of good vibes, new music and classic covers coming. Mike Donello has had the honor of playing some of the many great Austin gems such as Saxon Pub, Moontower Saloon, Far Out Lounge, Cedar Street Courtyard, Sholtz Garten, One-2-One Bar and many more.  Born in New York and raised in Florida, Mike began playing shows with many musical projects in the early 2000’s. One of Mike's early bands, Olive Tree gained much attention while performing at the national music festival Sunfest in 2004 in West Palm Beach, Florida. Mike also hosts his own Austin-based podcast Chilling on the Southside. His most recent album Mike Donello & the New Essentials was released in 2020. Mike’s upcoming new single Kayak in the Keys will be released this summer followed by another autumn single release.